Holt delights

A marvellous evening in Holt, Norfolk on a beautiful sunny day.
Very hot in our suits!
Unusually all members of the group had their family with them - what larks!

The splendid Holt Festival invited us back in year 11 - we performed in year 1 - and we sang in the Parish Church of St Andrew the Apostle, Holt.
A wonderful acoustic in which to sing, and our classical repertoire shone in there - Bach, Byrd, Henry VIII, & Anon all sounded splendid.
The jazzier stuff also worked well.  We sang Yeh, yeh - presaging the arrival on the last night of the festival of the great Georgie Fame, as well as The Singers Unlimited version of My Romance, Billy Joel'sLullabye and Anthem from Chess.

Our old friend Tony Britten had invited us the first year, and he was there again to introduce us; tho' other splendid people now run the Festival.  We were treated wonderfully.

A heavenly summer day in Norfolk, followed by an evening in the pub - what glories!

Lots to look forward to:
A rash of London gigs in the Autumn (National Liberal Club - 10th Sept., Live at Zédel and The Pheasantry - both twice), as well as a return to Bayreuth and our debut in Norway (Bergen) as guests of the Edvard Grieg Kor...