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Music of the Night

Recorded in 1987 Music of the Night represents a great adventure for Cantabile,for many reasons.It was the first time we had a major record company behind us; and most significantly, it provided the opportunity to develop our relationship with David Cullen.


Richard Bryan, Stewart Collins, Paul Hull, Michael Steffan, with many other musicians in various guises. 

  1. Starlight Express (Stilgoe/Lloyd Webber) 3’06”

  2. Song on the sand (La Da Da Da) [La Cage aux Folles] (Herman) 3’34”

  3. Love Makes the World Go Round [Me & My Girl] (Gay) 2’43”

  4. She’s So Beautiful [Time] (Poulson) 3’15”

  5. The Music of the Night [The Phantom of the Opera] (Hart/Stilgoe/Lloyd Webber) 5’11”

  6. Little Shop of Horrors (Ashman/Menken) 3’18”

  7. Oh What a Circus [Evita] (Rice/Lloyd Webber) 3’28”

  8. Losing My Mind [Follies] (Sondheim) 4’03”

  9. The Rum Tum Tugger [Cats] (Eliot/Lloyd Webber) 3’38”

  10. Bring Him Home [Les Misérables] (Kretzmer/Boublil/Schönberg) 3’31”

  11. Tell Me It’s Not True [Blood Brothers] (Russell) 3’35”

  12. Anthem [Chess] (Andersson/Rice/Ulvaeus) 4’01”