Christopher O’Gorman – Tenor


Christopher grew up in South Africa and sang in the Pietermaritzburg Children’s Choir until his voice broke. He decided not to carry on singing and instead concentrated on played the piano, which he continued at the Junior Department of the Royal Academy of Music when he moved to the UK aged 12. It was his ambition to pursue a career as a pianist playing really difficult (for the listener!) avant-garde chamber music. That was until he went to The University of York! 

It was during his first ever university project (a compulsory a cappella music theatre production) when he volunteered on a whim to sing tenor in one of the chamber groups. Because tenors are apparently notoriously hard to find, he found that he was suddenly being asked to take part in many other singing activities, so much so that he didn’t have time to practice the piano any more. He also discovered the joy of singing early polyphony in groups and from there the dye was cast. He changed his first study to voice and has learnt quite a lot about beer along the way – singers being the sociable bunch that they are. He stayed at York to complete an MA in Vocal Studies with John Potter specialising in Medieval Performance. He has been singing professionally ever since and people seem to like it; Gramophone Magazine has even described him as having a ‘…glorious voice….’. 

Christopher is delighted to now be singing as a regular member of The London Quartet. He is lucky to have already visited America and Germany with the group and looks forward to travelling to new corners of the globe with them. As well as his work with TLQ, he also pursues a career as a Songman in the Choir of York Minster and as a member of the Conductus Ensemble, as well as an ad hoc ensemble singer with a number of groups including the Gabrieli Consort, The Binchois Consort, Ex Cathedra, Britten Sinfonia Voices and The Brabant Ensemble.